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Mission Statement
Our mission is to make sure that you get the studies you are looking for, wherever you choose to study, at whatever level and whenever you want.

Learn Arabic, Chinese or Russian!

Study the language and culture where it is spoken or online at home.

Start any week.

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Students are immersed in the languages when studying Arabic, Chinese and Russian languages.

AMBergh Education has 25 years experience of Focus on the student, quality and flexibility.

Education and culture in:

Learn Arabic in the Middle East and North Africa     Learn Chinese language in China     Learn Russian language in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia
Egypt, Jordan,           China                        Russia, Ukraine,
Lebanon, Morocco,                                     Latvia
Oman, Dubai

We work closely with the very best universities, institutes and language schools on the promotion of courses. We know the countries, our partners and locations very well and can give detailed information.

 Arabic, Chinese and Russian language courses in many locations.                      "I have only good experience
                        with AMBergh. It totally felt 

                        like the whole organization
                        was personnaly involved with
                        my stay and trip
                                                 nl Esmee G., Netherlands

Students are provided with essential information and guidance regarding courses, accommodation, additional services, and country specifics. We also facilitate visa applications and offer students counseling and support before, during and after their studies.

There is a wide and flexible range of courses, cultural programs, volunteer programs etc. adapted to all levels of skill, regardless of when, where, and how long the course of study.

"I also had a lovely host mother and overall a fantastic experience. Thank you! "
us  Emily L., Usa

"The teachers actually made it both fun and understandable."
nl Peter L., Finland

"Thank you for your professionalism."
nz Eleteria K., Greece

"Very, very nice, helpful, open minded and approachable people!"
es Sandra H., Germany 

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