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We are looking for representatives that can use our knowledge and our contacts and promote our courses. If you already have a good network of contacts, or think you can find customers you have also a chance to become one of our partners with your own sales responsibility.

This is how you register
Register yourself or your company via our website by filling out the form below. You will be contacted within a few days and if we think that you are qualified to be one of our representatives we will sign an agreement with you. If you are successful and become one of our representatives after just a few weeks you can you start getting paid a commission for the students who buy an education package from us via you.

This is how it works
If you are selected to represent AMBergh Education you will get access to your own website to where you will refer people who are interested. You will work as a representative for us, and through our technical solutions you will have access to information about which of your potential clients have registered for a course with us. You take care of the initial contact and the referral. We take care of the customer´s questions, booking and planning of the course package, accommodation, visa and payment issues etc. You will then get paid a commission based on what the customer has paid.

It´s important that you really spend some time getting to know our business to be able to present our services in an informative and effective way. You will have to understand our business model. Please check our website carefully and study our offers. Motivate why you want to become a representative and submit references. A contact person at AMBergh will keep you informed regarding new offers, courses, excursions, and send you information material when needed.

Please, contact us if you are interested.

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