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“Building Bridges” - AMBergh Education Scholarship

Receiver of scholarship

In cooperation with KEFOUND,
Knowledge Exchange Foundation

The jury has paid special attention to students who - with creativity, high ambitions and sincere conviction - strive to contribute in the building of understanding between regions, countries, cultures and religions. The jury has rewarded students who, in a convincing way, argue for their need of additional language skills in order to fulfil such ambitions.

The decision of 2018

The number of scholarships is limited and a jury has selected what it deems to be the most outstanding applications. The "Bridge builders" of 2018, who have been awarded with EUR 100 - 500 each, are:

  • Carina Vogelsberger, for an Arabic course in Amman.
    A student in Malmö, Sweden

    She writes: “Throughout recent years, I have developed a keen interest in the Middle Eastern region, which goes beyond my academic- and professional goals. Apart from aiming for a career in which a fluent command of Arabic will be critical, I believe that my passion for contemporary Arabic film and music have benefitted my understanding of the region.Ambergh’s annual scholarship could substantially enrich my subsequent Master studies in London”.
  • Emman Ziegler Steen, for an Arabic course in Morocco. (EUR 200)
    A student in London, UK

    She writes: "I have a huge interest in how law interacts with politics, international agreements and issues of national security. In my view, better language skills and knowledge of different regions of the world would make me better able to immerse myself deeper in cross-country politics, as I would have a framework of understanding another culture”.
  • Hanna Al-Sakati, for an Arabic course in Beirut
    Doctoral Studies in Düsseldorf, Germany

    She writes: “Since part of my roots lie in Damascus, I have been introduced to the Arab culture at a young age and visited Damascus regularly. Thus, I am familiar with the Syrian way of living and its  main religion, the Islam.
    I have never been to  Lebanon before even though I have always wanted to visit the country because of its unique landscape and history. Like Damascus, Beirut is one of the oldest cities in the world whose history can be traced back more than seven thousand years.”

  • Claudia Blasinger. for a course in China 
    She is a teacher Trainee in Innsbruck, Austria

    She writes: “In German there is the saying “The more languages speak the more you are a human being. ”I was looking for – and finding – the perfect place for me to go: China, the land with one of the world’s oldest cultures, which will be the next fascinating part of the world for me to discover.” 

  • Liliana Demireva, for an Arabic course
    She is a teacher in Sofia, Bulgaria

    She writes: I have more than 10 years experience as a teacher and educator in schools and other centers. From 2015 till now I am a voluntary in Red Cross Bulgaria and Caritas’ work with youth refugees, to teach them Bulgarian and other activities. I have been studing arabic language for years, because I want to comunicate better with the refugees. I want to improve my language skill and I think AMBergh Education Scholarship its a great oppurtunity”.  

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