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Volunteer work in China

The Chinese language and culture are not simply learnt in the class room; you need to live the language and immerse in the local community! Volunteer work is an entrance to the local society and culture. It is also a means to contribute to important development work, and not the least, to make friends.

Together with our local partners, we work to provide you with a suitable volunteer position at a local organisation in your study destination. Volunteer work is available at organisations working to improve the lives of vulnerable people or children. You can volunteer at orphanages, kindergartens, schools, to name a few examples. You must always combine volunteer work with a Chinese language course.

Volunteer work can also be provided as a teacher for children/youths in English and other foreign languages.

Volunteer work usually entails volunteer work besides your Chinese language classes. Each study location offers its specific volunteer work positions. We need to know your wishes and interests ahead of time, in order to match you with a suitable position, and to enable all parties – you, the organisation, and their beneficiaries – to benefit from your volunteer work.

Volunteering means living and working alongside local people and gaining a better understanding of the dialect, culture, and social conditions. Read more on volunteer work under respective location.

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