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Learn Chinese language in Shijiazhuang

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AMBergh Education in co-operation with the leading Language institute in Shijiazhuang offer Mandarin language and culture courses for students of all abilities, ages and backgrounds. The courses are on offer all year around. You will have the chance to learn Mandarin as well as experiencing Chinese culture in everyday and business life.

The Institute is an academically minded Mandarin language institute with experience designing custom curriculums tailored to each student´s individual goals. We offer very intensive yet affordable programs - all private classes with professional, certified teachers and a true immersion environment in a developed city where Standard Mandarin is spoken on the streets and foreigners are still a rare sight. If you are serious about learning good Chinese we invite you to spend time and take a course in a genuine Chinese city.

In addition to being surrounded by the Chinese culture outside of class, courses include many elements of Chinese culture within the language training curriculum. Additionally, our activities such as Chinese dumpling-making parties, themed Chinese minority dinners, and mahjong lessons/competitions not only are a lot of fun, but also give our students an even better understanding of the local culture.
You can also choose to combine language training with volunteer work in a Chinese company.

All teachers are professional, certified Mandarin teachers.

The courses are on offer all year around. You choose your own program start and end dates.

Included in all courses are:
- books and study materials
- free wireless internet and bicycle
- weekly group activities
- 24-hours support
- free visa assistance and travel services
- college credit
College credit and transcripts are available to students participating in the language programs.Upon completion of a program, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Intensive individual 20 hour/week Program
An intensive program for those looking to rapidly improve their Mandarin language skills in the shortest time possible. Four hours per day of individual classes, combined with our flexible curriculum, the vast benefits of individual instruction and professional, full-time Mandarin instructors mean you will find yourself in the ideal environment for rapidly acquiring fluency in the Chinese language.

The intensive program offers a great deal of flexibility. Each student receives an individually tailored curriculum that specifically addresses their own goals for studying Chinese. You may choose to cover all four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) or use class time to focus on the areas that are most important to you. Study what you want, how you want, for maximum results.

Business Chinese Program
Business Chinese courses, usually four hours per day of private 1-to-1 classes - focus on developing the language skills required for effective interpersonal communication in the Chinese workplace. Course content focuses on practical, real life language used when conducting business in China as well as strategies for successfully navigating the often complex cultural aspects involved when interacting with Chinese business counterparts.
Our business Chinese program caters to students of all Mandarin levels, the one-to-one nature of classes meaning the curriculum can be tailored to each individual’s specific wants/needs, incorporating relevant material according to your requirements and end study goals.

Culture Exchange Program
A combined Chinese language and culture course comprising two hours per day of individual language classes with one hour per day of Chinese cultural activities. Our culture exchange program allows students to gain a deep insight into all aspects of Chinese culture. Chinese culture classes are available in a variety of subjects and you are free to choose the ones that most interest you.

Available culture classes:
- Chinese calligraphy
- Traditional Chinese musical instruments
- Gong Fu/Wu Shu
- Water painting
- Tai Chi
- Chinese paper cutting
- Chinese history and philosophy
- Chinese cooking

Individual course and Group Travel Tours
The group immersion programs provide students with a comprehensive Chinese language and culture study experience that builds a solid foundation in the language while increasing global awareness and interest in a country rich in history and culture. Students will see the dynamic mixture of traditional and modern China.
The program consists of three parts – Language, Culture and Travel, each of which can be tailored to your specific requirements.
All language classes are conducted on a one-to-one basis which allows students to learn at their own pace in a pressure free environment. Our fully certified instructors provide each student with an individually tailored curriculum.
Group culture classes help students gain a deeper insight into the rich and varied customs, culture and history of this ancient and fascinating country.
The final week in China will be spent sightseeing in Beijing, where your group will receive a guided tour of all the must see sights. Participants will be escorted by the teaching staff throughout the trip and receive private transportation to and from all tour sites. All meals are included and accommodation is provided at a modern hotel near the centre of the city.

Works Experience Program
Combine your education course with volunteer work.
Contact us for further information.

The HSK Test
The HSK Chinese language test is a standardized exam used for measuring student’s proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. The test is administered by the China National Office of Teaching Chinese as a foreign language and is recognized worldwide as the universal standard when assessing students’ command of the Chinese language. The HSK test encompasses all four skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) and is invaluable for anyone wanting to:
- Work in a multi-national or Chinese company where you will be in a Chinese language environment.
- Study non-language subjects at a Chinese university.
- Fast track your college degree.
- Pursue graduate level studies in China.
- Gauge the progression of your Chinese study against a government set standard.
- Work in international relations or diplomacy.
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