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Getting around in Shanghai

Getting around in Shanghai

Generally, transportation inside Shanghai city is convenient and satisfactory. As an international metropolis with the largest population in China, Shanghai will inevitably face the problem of overpopulation and traffic congestion. The city has the world´s largest public transportation system handling the largest daily volume of passengers.

By taxi
Shanghai has approximately 45,000 taxis. Taxis are an inexpensive and easy way to get around. However, most drivers don´t speak any English so you usually have to show them where you´re going in Chinese.

By metro
The metro is a speedy, safe, comfortable and convenient means of transportation for travelling around Shanghai. The main attractions, transportation hubs and commercial areas can be reached.

By bus
Public buses in Shanghai are a particularly convenient means of transport. Most buses have conductors who´ll need to know your destination in order to work out how much to charge.

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