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Chinese Mandarin language courses in Shanghai

Happy students paying attention to the camera during a Mandarin class in Shanghai.

The Mandarin courses on offer are designed for developing effective communication in speaking, reading and writing. Courses in Mandarin are available in small groups or on an individual basis. Activity programmes aims to introduce students to Chinese culture, customs and places of interest while providing social occasions.

The teachers are native Chinese that have Bachelor´s or Master´s level language qualifications or other Mandarin certifications. Teachers typically have at least 1,500 hours of teaching experience and are carefully selected with strong interpersonal and communication skills.

In addition to being surrounded by the Chinese culture outside of class, courses include many elements of Chinese culture within the language training curriculum. Additionally, our activities such as Chinese dumpling-making parties, themed Chinese minority dinners, and mahjong lessons/competitions not only are a lot of fun, but also give our students an even better understanding of the local culture.

Course programmes
The course programmes are of different lengths and intensities and are designed to meet the needs of students with different language skills, from absolute beginners to very advanced. You can also choose our internship and volunteer programmes in Chinese companies and organizations. This provides you with the perfect environment to improve your Chinese skills considerably. When studying here you will meet a wide range of students from all over the world.

Individual courses

We offer private Mandarin classes at your convenience - where, when and what you want to study in Shanghai. An individual course is the ideal solution for students seeking to focus on special areas of interest or benefit from the exclusive attention of a teacher attuned to your learning style and particular needs. Students with a daily schedule that prevents participation in a group class may also benefit from a private study arrangement. Lessons are tailor made according to the students´ learning needs and are taught as per students preferred schedule and location.

Group courses
Group courses are designed for those who want to immerse themselves in a language acquisition experience that is personally enriching as well as academically demanding. Group courses are appropriate for students at various levels of fluency, from beginners to advanced speakers, and focus on strengthening all four major skills: writing, reading, speaking and comprehension. Courses are held Monday to Friday, 3 hours per day. Beginner courses start monthly (twice per month in the summer), but higher level students can join on any Monday.

Beginner group courses
The Beginner level includes four sections - Total Beginner, Lower Beginner, Middle Beginner, and Upper Beginner and includes a total of 120 hours of Mandarin lessons.
Students will learn more than 1000 words, 200 sentences, and 130 grammar points. This will enable you to use and understand simple communication in daily life, such as: greetings, self introduction, shopping, bargaining, taking public transportation, making appointments, ordering food, seeing the doctor, booking tickets, renting an apartment, etc. Furthermore, the Beginner level will prepare students for Intermediate level.

Intermediate group courses
This level consists of 3 sections - Lower Intermediate, Middle Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate and includes a total of 180 hours of Mandarin study. It is suitable for students who have completed the Beginner level or those that possess a vocabulary of approximately 1000 words.
Students will learn more than 1500 words and 700 sentences, as well as 450 grammar points. The contents of each lesson focus on topics concerning foreigner experiences in China including living in, working in, or sightseeing within China. All of the texts are composed of dialogue using conversational Chinese from everyday situations.

Combined courses - group and individual courses
This is the fastest method to make the most improvement.
Contact us for further information.

Part-time small group courses
These are typically for those working in Shanghai. Classes meet 2 or 3 times per week for 2 hours per lesson, in the evenings and/or Saturdays.
Contact us for further information.

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