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Unearthing archaeological riches and treasures of the past

The Fancunjing Relic Site in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, has become a bit of an archaeological gold mine over the past two years. The first significant archaeological discoveries were made in 2016 and, by the end of last September, around 350 ancient ruins, watercourses and roads had been unearthed.

Tons of porcelain ware, dating to the late Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368), has also been discovered, suggesting the site was an official trade exchange centre at the time. Now, 294 exquisite pieces of porcelain, from the relic site, are on display at the Wulin Pavilion of Zhejiang Museum. Taicang was a vital port in ancient times. Both domestic and foreign fleets set sail from there, bringing home exotic products and transporting Oriental specialties to other countries.

Source: Shanghai daily
Published: 1 February 2018

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