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Kunming: Fishing 'season' ends on slowly reviving Dianchi Lake

On October 23, after a nearly six weeks of permitted activity, commercial fishing on Yunnan's largest lake came to a close. The  fishing season is a small but important indicator that after years of struggling to repair rampant ecological damage, efforts to "rehabilitate" Dianchi Lake may finally be bearing fruit.

Both angling and netting were allowed. Nearly 1,300 boats were granted fishing licenses and the vast majority of the vessels sailed from the southern end of the lake. The average boat owner reportedly earned 10,000 yuan (US$1,475) over the recent six-week fishing period, while top earners netted upwards of 80,000 yuan.

The combined catch totaled 4,090 tons, with more than three-quarters comprised of different species of carp. Freshwater shrimp and baitfish made up the rest of the haul.

Source: goKunming
Published: 3 November 2016

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