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Hangzhou, Things You Absolutely Must Do

Hangzhou is rich in history and culture spanning more than 2,000 years.

From a boat ride down the Grand Canal to a stroll through the lotus flowers in the botanical gardens, these are the experiences no traveler should miss when visiting this picturesque, historic city. Nearly 10 million tourists spend holiday in Hangzhou during the Chinese New Year.

Boating on the Grand Canal The world’s oldest and longest canal, the Grand Canal begins in Hangzhou and ends in Beijing, extending 1,200 miles between two of China’s most magnificent cities. It’s nearly 1,400 years old.

Walking in the West Lake region The West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is famous for its boat rides and the majestic “Impression West Lake” a light, music, dance, and theater production that literally takes place on the water.

Exploring Xixi National Wetland Park This expansive wetland dates back 4,000 years, in part to protect its fragile ecosystem.  Xixi crosses six waterways and spans over 2,500 acres; 70% of which is covered by water.

Hangzhou’s Botanical Gardens Koi ponds, stone bridges, a bamboo forest, and, of course, China’s beloved lotus flower can be seen along the trails that crisscross these lush gardens.

Learning calligraphy China has a long tradition of calligraphy, dating back to ancient times.

Source: AMBergh News
Published: 15 March 2016

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