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How to book a Chinese course

In order for us to be able to organise the best possible course package for you we need to receive your application at least three weeks prior to the course start but preferably even further in advance than this. All courses should be booked no later than 4 weeks prior to the course start but if it really is last minute then we might just be able to help you. Please contact us for more information but note we cannot make any guarantees.

1. Registration
Fill in the registration form online. Your registration form should be as detailed as possible so that we can arrange the right course for you. Please take care to fill in the registration form correctly making sure to include details of any special requirements you have regarding tuition or accommodation for example.
In some cases it is possible to register for a course less than four weeks prior to the start of the course. Contact us for more information regarding this.

2. Confirmation
Following receipt of your registration we will send confirmation of your booking to you within a few days. This confirmation includes booking and payment information. You will also receive general information concerning courses, accommodation, transfer and excursions.

3. Payment
The registration fee must be received by us no later than three working days after you have sent your registration application. A registration will only be acted upon once the appropriate registration fee has been received by AMBergh. This means that course and accommodation arrangements will only be made once the registration fee has been received.
Final payment for a course should be made no later than 30 days prior to the course start. Failure to make the final payment within the required time will automatically lead to cancellation of the course package.

4. Information prior to departure
No later than three days prior to your departure we will send you necessary information about your course, accommodation and transfer details, providing of course than you have given us details of your arrival.
We will also include the names, addresses and telephone numbers of host families, the university or language school and local personnel as appropriate.

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