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Located about 70 kilometers from Shijiazhuang, Mt. Cangyan Scenic Area is a national tourist attraction in China. With an altitude of 1,000 meters high, the scenic area covers an area of 180 square kilometers. Mt. Cangyan Scenic Area is renowned for its natural landscape and some cultural and historical attractions. It has verdant forests, magnificent waterfalls, crystal streams and springs, steep cliffs and queer peaks. Visitors should not miss the white sandalwood trees growing beside the mountain streams and about 2,000 to 3,000 years old cypresses on the cliffs. Many temples, pavilions, terraces and other buildings are constructed on the cliffs or in the valley. Built in the Western Jin period (265-316), the Fuqing Temple is the most celebrated complex. Legend has it that Princess Nanyang once became a nun and practiced Buddhism there. She was the daughter of Yang Guang, an emperor of the Sui Dynasty (581-618).

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