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The Good Life: Beijing Countryside

Farmers still make up the largest part of Chinese population. The big city is exciting and cosmopolitan, but go to the country side to feel the good life: visit a farm, help to pick fruits and have a healthy farmer's lunch. We just give you some examples: - Go to the Jingdong Grand Canyon (Located 85km northeast of Beijing, It is a national scenic spot, which covers about 6 square kilometres). Enjoy the countryside view on the way. Enjoy a wide range of beautiful landscapes. Inside the canyon are green hills, clear waters, Karst caves, deep ponds, wide valleys, perilous peaks and splashing waterfalls. Hundreds of hectares of pine trees grow in the canyon. - Go to the Badachu Park (Located 40km west of Beijing, covered an area of 332 hectares and the highest peak reaching 464.8 meters above sea level). Enjoy the countryside view on the way. With great appreciation to this unique weather, Eight Great Sites Park is enriched with breathtaking natural views and each of four seasons is highlighted with different sight of views. It has been a very famous holy Buddhist place dotted with clusters of Buddhist gardens and temples. These temples, gardens nestling in deep forest evoke an ambience of reclusion and relaxation. - Go to the Cuandixia Village which is known for its well preserved 500 Ming and Qing dynasty-style courtyard houses owned by 70 families, ancient but unsophisticated. Enjoy the countryside view on the way, about 2 hours driving to get there.Explore the old houses on the hillside, that's all have remained largely unchanged for centuries, surrounded by mountains and luxuriant forests.
Have a traditional Chinese lunch at local family.

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