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Excursions in and around Jerusalem

Signs to find the tourist attractions in the old city of Jerusalem.

The Language Institute in Jerusalem offers an extensive cultural programme, including sight-seeing and excursions in and outside of Jerusalem. We warmly recommend our students to take the opportunity and join these organised excursions.

Tour companies
There are plenty of tour companies in Jerusalem. Below are just a few samples of organisations offering alternative tours which we believe provide an insight in the local culture and everyday life in Palestine/Israel.

The organisation PACE offers an extensive list of tours and tour packages for groups and individuals interested in exploring the various aspects of Palestinian culture and life.

Abu Hassan Alternative Tours help you discover the most interesting places in the West Bank and Gaza. They aim at providing you with background information about the life, history and current situation of the Palestinian people.

The Green Olive Tours are intended to give a broad experience of Palestinian and Israeli culture, history and politics.

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) aim to reveal the “facts on the ground” created by the Israel’s settlement project. ICAHD’s belief is that first-hand learning is the only way to grasp the social, cultural, political, and historical issues that underlie the Israel-Palestinian conflict. 

Travels within Palestine/Israel
We warmly recommend our students to spend their free-time exploring the great and diverse sights of Palestine/Israel, to get insights in the local culture and gain contacts and friends. This can of course also be done by taking off on your own. Below follows some general travel information which may be good to keep in mind.

When travelling around Israel, be aware of the Sabbath: from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. During Sabbath, train and bus services are not available in Israel (except in Haifa, Nazareth, and Eilat) the sherut services (shared taxis/minibuses) are limited. The Sabbath does not affect any travels by Palestinian transportation means in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza.

Road passage between many Palestinian West Bank towns and Israel is regulated by Israeli army roadblocks. These can range from a row of tires on the asphalt to a drive through structure resembling security prisons, for example the check points close to Bethlehem and Qalandia, near Ramallah. At these check points, you will need to show your passport and you will probably be asked some questions.

The Israeli authorities sometimes restrict movement in and out of the West Bank, either on Jewish High Holidays or as a result of a security incident. This does not normally affect foreign nationals. Be careful whenever there is friction between Jewish settlers and local Palestinians (most likely around Hebron, Hebron Hills, and around Nablus).


What to do and what to see in Jerusalem

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