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Arabic for Diplomats in Cairo

Arabic for Diplomats is an individually tailored course, conducted on a one-to-one basis with highly qualified Arabic language teachers. The course provides diplomats with the essential confidence to participate in political conversations in Arabic and to analyze political developments in the region. Arabic language skills in combination with culture and social sensitization are core components.

Course Objectives
Arabic for Diplomats will assist the participant to develop his/her Arabic language skills in order to:

  • Gain fluency in communicating professionally and comfortably in formal situations in Arabic,
  • Prepare speeches and presentations in Arabic,
    Master Arabic negotiation skills,
    Head and participate in meetings and conferences,
    Discuss the current political situation in the Middle East and international news,
    Use speed-reading for specific information and absorb high volumes of information in short periods of time – in Arabic,
    Improve professional Arabic writing skills for email and letters,
    Make and receive telephone calls in Arabic,
    Understand idioms, accents, body language and other specifics of the Arabic culture,
  • Gain essential Arabic social competence.

Individually tailored course
Students, from absolute beginners to highly advanced levels of Arabic, are welcome to start our Arabic for Diplomats programme any Sunday throughout the year. Recommended course pace: 20 lessons per week. Minimum duration: 2 weeks. Your schedule can be tailored to suit your work hours. 

Comfortable arrangements
Accommodation is available at a range of hotels and hostels, at a convenient distance from the Language Institute in Cairo. Airport transfer is included upon arrival in Cairo when booking your accommodation through us. Course participants receive detailed certificates upon course completion.

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