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Alexandria Library

Alexandria Library - An excursion in Alexandria, Egypt
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is located on a magnificent site in the Eastern Harbour, facing the sea to the north, and the University of Alexandria Complex on its southern side. It overlooks the Silsilah Peninsula. It is very close to the location of the Ancient Library in the Brucheion (the Ancient Royal Quarter). The Library receives one million visitors a year and holds some 500 cultural events every year and a lot of activities every day. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is playing a major role in revitalizing the city of Alexandria. With a clearly developed strategy for the future and a comprehensive vision of the twenty-first century institution, it is much more than a library. It is involved in a wide range of activities to carry out its mission of being an international centre of knowledge and the promoter of dialogue and understanding between peoples and cultures. Additionally, it seeks to actively participate in the urban and economic sustained development of the city of Alexandria. It also acts as a forum for cultural preservation, interaction and exchange and an agent for promoting economic development and sustainability.

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