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Student testimonial: Andrew P.

Total average score:
971f2a 84%
Time in Fez: 2 weeks
Tuition:Individual course (20 lessons/week)
Accommodation:Family stay/
Year of study:2014

I very much enjoyed my time, and was glad I ultimately decided to do the language course. Thank you for your help in organizing everything. I may look at studying Russian with AMBergh too, if I have any time available this year.

Accommodation: 5/5
Family stay, I really enjoyed the typical style of Moroccan flat I stayed in (this was Wafa´s mother´s flat). Although I really enjoyed it, I suppose it would be good to mention to others who might be a bit picky that it was, however, really cold! As it is winter, however, it didn´t bother me, however I guess doing a homestay in a warmer season would be more ideal for some people. To me, the main thing about the home-stay which I enjoyed the most was the warm and friendly attitude of Wafa´s mother, who was like a kind of surrogate mother, and Wafa, and Fatima Zahra my teacher. Often there would be spontaneous gatherings for lunch and dinner, which was really fun. I enjoyed the chance to see a normal Moroccan family life. Finally, the food was amazing, as Wafa´s mother is an amazing cook. I really enjoyed eating such lovely dishes. This was very memorable.

Favourite night club/restaurant/pub:
Because the food was so wonderful at the home-stay I did not actually eat anywhere else! However I did go to some of the surrounding cafes, however I don´t really recall their names.

What would you like to improve?
It is hard to say. I really enjoyed my stay, but I think in the back of my mind I would probably have chosen a warmer time :) In the day outdoors the temperature got up to 15 or so, but the homes are amazing at staying cold!

How did you find out about AMBergh?
Internet search In fact I initially was bored and searched for learning Russian, and then found AMbergh that way.

Reason for your studies:
Personal interest I love learning languages, and my goal was to, at least to some extent, study all of the UN languages.

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