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Student testimonial: Natasha T.

Total average score:
971f2a 80%
Time in Alexandria: 4 weeks
Tuition:Group course, MSA (20 lessons/week)
Accommodation:Convent lodging/

Alexandria was great, thanks again. It was a completely different experience from what I was expecting, which made it all the more exciting. The classes were small and at a perfect pace for me, and I met some really wonderful people. In the end, I don't feel any major regrets about Damascus; it was a lesson learned, and I got a lot out of Egypt. I just want to mention one thing however, regarding accommodation; it says on the Ambergh site that the convent is only for women, but this is in fact not true. There were probably more men than women staying in the convent. This was no problem at all for me; they were all very kind and I never felt threatened, but maybe it's something you should change on the site info. Also, when I tried to find the school on the first day, no one working at the convent knew what I was talking about when I said "Ahlan Egypt Center/Madrasa" or where to find it. There was only one other student in the convent; everyone else was a visiting Egyptian. These things weren't of huge importance to me though, so thank you again for all your work. I will recommend Ambergh to my friends. Take care and I hope all is well in Sweden!

Information from AMBergh: 4/5

Meeting at the airport, bus or railway station: 5/5

Reception at the university: 3/5

Studies: 5/5

Accommodation: 3/5

Favourite night club/restaurant/pub:

What would you like to improve?
Quality of accommodation, reception at accomodation

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