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Arabic language courses in Beirut

Students of Arabic in a classroom in Beirut.

AMBergh Education offers, together with a prominent language institute in Beirut, Arabic language courses in Lebanese Colloquial Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. The Arabic courses are of different lengths and intensities and are designed to meet the needs of students with different language skills, from absolute beginners to very advanced.

You will be taught by highly qualified and friendly staff in the heart of downtown Beirut. All this provides you with the perfect environment to improve your language skills considerably. Unless you are an absolute beginner, you will be asked to participate in a placement test upon arrival.

Group courses, Modern Standard Arabic
Small group courses in Modern Standard Arabic are available throughout the year. You study 20 lessons per week, 4 lessons daily, Monday-Friday. The courses cater for beginners and intermediate students, and are based on the study series of Al-Kitaab fii Ta allum al- Arabiyya, part 1 and 2 (Brustad, Al-Batal, Al-Tonsi, Georgetown University Press). New courses start every month, minimum course duration is two weeks.

Group courses, Levantine Dialect
Small group courses in the Levantine dialect include 15 lessons per week, 3 lessons daily, Monday-Friday. The courses are available throughout the year, at monthly start dates. You can proceed from one level to the next. Minimum course duration is two weeks.

The Language Institute has extensive knowledge of teaching Colloquial Arabic to foreigners, and has developed its own curricula. The curricula are in Arabic - English.

The courses in the Levantine dialect are geared towards developing your practical Arabic skills. You will be provided with the essential tools to communicate, socialise, and immerse in the Lebanese community. You will gain a solid linguistic as well as cultural foundation to function in Lebanon.

Individual courses
Taking an individual course gives you excellent opportunities to steer the pace and content of your lessons. You can choose to study Modern Standard Arabic or Colloquial Arabic, or a combination of both. The tutors are very good in adapting lessons to meet the needs of their students. One-to-one tuition guarantees fast progress and focuses on developing those language skills, which are important to you. We also offer more specialized courses designed for those who seek special language skills.

Having satisfactorily completed a course, students receive a certificate indicating the type and length of courses attended.

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