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Immersion in language and culture in Amman

Two students in a coffee shop after Arabic classes.

Our programme in Amman offers unique opportunities to immerse in the Arabic language and the Jordanian culture. Learning the Arabic language is not only done through text books in a class room. You need to live the language! Besides your Arabic course, Amman offers additional components that greatly enhance your learning experience: accommodation in a Jordanian family, language buddies, cultural and social activities.

Family Accommodation
Staying with a family is a good way of learning the spoken Arabic, as well as getting an insight into social life, culture, and traditions. Carefully selected host families, selected by the institute, open up their homes for you and will treat you as an extended family member. You will have your own room, and share other house facilities with the family. Two meals per day are included. Becoming a ‘family member’ also entails that you need to take local customs into consideration. You are normally expected to be home no later than 11 pm. Family accommodation is not always available for male students.

Language buddies
A language buddy is usually a person of your age and gender from the local community in Amman. Together with your language buddy you will be able to practice your Arabic skills outside of class. Your language buddy is also a key to the Jordanian society, an entrance to family life in Amman. The Language Institute in Amman will, upon your request, match you with a suitable language buddy. They are often students at the nearby Jordanian University. You and your language buddy meet in an informal way. You will not only enhance your Arabic, but most likely gain a good friend and a guide to Amman’s social life.

Cultural and social activities
Thursday afternoon is the time for students’ outings. You are welcome to enjoy different sites in Amman together with your fellow students and school staff. You will also have the opportunity to explore Jordan, its culture, and history through guided tours. Participating in these activities will enable you to pick up essential Arabic vocabulary while exploring Jordan´s magnificent historical attractions. Enjoy the history and beauty of Jerash and Ajloun, Madaba and Mount Nibo, the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, Desert Castles, Petra and Ma´een Hot Springs!

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