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Estudiantes comentario: Sandra R.

Puntuación media total de:
971f2a 76%
El tiempo Amán: 3 weeks
Matrícula:Group course, Combined MSA+CA, 20 lessons/week
Alojamiento:Student room/

Eman is a great teacher! I can´t believe how much I´ve learned in only three weeks. We were only three people in my class, which is ideal.

Alojamiento: 2/5
Student room, The location of the Barakat Hostel is good since it is so close to the language center. The curfew was a bit annoying, especially during ramadan when we could not eat dinner early in town, but more or less had to stick around in this remote area all the time in order not to miss the curfew. The room is not clean. It has no supplies in the kitchenette except one teapot. Half of the time there was no water. The last few days we haven´t had internet connection. The fire alarm goes every now and then, nobody informs us of why and eventually we just stopped caring about it and wait in our rooms for it to stop, which is dangerous!

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