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“Building Bridges” - AMBergh Education Scholarship

Receiver of scholarship

In cooperation with KEFOUND,
Knowledge Exchange Foundation

The jury has paid special attention to students who - with creativity, high ambitions and sincere conviction - strive to contribute in the building of understanding between regions, countries, cultures and religions. The jury has rewarded students who, in a convincing way, argue for their need of additional language skills in order to fulfil such ambitions.

The decision of 2019

The number of scholarships is limited and a jury has selected what it deems to be the most outstanding applications. The "Bridge builders" of 2019, who have been awarded with EUR 200 - 500 each, are:

  • Georgia Hilda Littlechild, Brussels, Belgium, for Arabic studies in Beirut.
    She is now an MSc student in Aberdeen, UK.

    She writes: “I am dedicated to learning not only the formal Arabic Fusrah, but also the Lebanese dialect. Having lived there briefly, I developed an attachment to the country and wish to pursue the possibility to properly learn the language through both Oral and Writing classes. I was born and raised trilingual in French, Italian and English and learned Dutch at school in Brussels. Lebanon holds deep rooted literary richness which is what attracted me at first. Learning about its history made me understand my own better. The dialect we speak in Sicily has many similarities with Lebanese Arabic, and brought me closer to home. 
    I believe going back to Lebanon in the context of AMBergh will confront me to further facets of learning, and enable me to take control of my own ignorance, to some extent”.
  • Diego Fernando Vallejo, Ecuador, for Russian studies in Russia Far East. He is now at International Universidad de Navarra in Spain.   

    He writes: “Since I was a little boy I have been exposed to different cultures and fascinated about the world that surrounds us. I spent most of my childhood in the USA and after returned to Ecuador. Because of this, I have developed an interest in the international, most specifically, languages, culture and politics, how we all interact as the human race. I have seen the great prestige and results that Ambergh Education has experienced and has to offer through videos and the webpage”. 
  • Shannon Oates, Moseley, Birmingham, GB, for Arabic studies in Beirut. She is now Research assistant at University of Birmingham..     

    She writes: “I want to study in Lebanon, (and in particular Beirut) because of the cities historical and multicultural make-up. Despite the city being renowned for its sectarian divides and structure, Beirut is also an inherently diverse and connected city with Churches and Mosques built adjacently and Church bells ringing amongst the Mosque’s call the prayer. Beirut is an ideal city to undertake such research and gain this understanding, and something I can work to achieve through the support and knowledge gained through AMBergh Education will be undertaking five months’ fieldwork in Beirut in 2020, involving a mixture of interviews with women and geographical mapping of the area. This combination of academic and practical experience and knowledge of Beirut has highlighted the importance of being able to work with local-based grassroots organisations and people.”

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