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“Building Bridges” - AMBergh Education Scholarship

Receiver of scholarship

In cooperation with KEFOUND,
Knowledge Exchange Foundation

The jury has paid special attention to students who - with creativity, high ambitions and sincere conviction - strive to contribute in the building of understanding between regions, countries, cultures and religions. The jury has rewarded students who, in a convincing way, argue for their need of additional language skills in order to fulfil such ambitions.

The decision of 2017

The number of scholarships is limited and a jury has selected what it deems to be the most outstanding applications. The "Bridge builders" of 2017, who have been awarded with USD 100 - 1 000 each, are:

  • Poppy-Anne Forbes, UK. History Degree, Royal Holloway, University of London.
    Arabic studies (USD 1000)

    She writes: “I have a specific interest in Modern Islamic and Middle Eastern history. Nasser and the Egyptian revolution has always been a topic that specifically captures my imagination. I also work for Persian Dowery, selling Kashmiri carpets in London, Arabic is one of the languages spoken in Muslim Kashmir so learning the language will also be beneficial.  Currently, I run the website and social media as well as helping with selling and contacting buyers. I was lucky enough to travel around Egypt, I visited Cairo, Siwa and Alexandria and have been absolutely in love with the country ever since, specifically Alexandria. The atmosphere of the city was totally unique to anywhere else”.
  • Lucy Frances Towers, UK. Freelance multimedia journalist.
    Arabic studies (USD 1000)

    She worked in the British and European Parliaments, as a press officer for politicians and political parties, but couldn’t get the Middle East out of her mind. “An AMBergh scholarship would allow me to fully focus on my studies for a whole month and not worry about money and work, and I feel I could make substantial visible progress”.

  • Sihan Wang, USA. M.A., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
    Russian studies (USD 1000)

    She writes: “I have been interested in Russian literature, especially nineteenth-century Russian fictions, since undergraduate years, and learned beginning Russian in grad school for one semester. I grew more fascinated by the Russian language and culture in a graduate seminar that introduced Osip Mandelstam and Viktor Shklovsky. In a nutshell, I hope to learn Russian to work closely with the primary texts in Russian literature, for which I feel AMBergh Education would be the ideal place where I can improve my Russian and get to know more about the Russian culture. I am planning to study Russia in St. Petersburg. My goals for studying Russian abroad is twofold: First, I hope to improve my Russian to intermediate level, which will enable me to slowly work on literary texts. Second, I hope to explore the history and culture of St. Petersburg, for depictions of St. Petersburg in Russian literature are rich and almost magic-like (e.g. in Pushkin’s Bronze Rider, Dostoevsky’s novel set in St. Petersburg, Crime and Punishment, and Osip Mandelstam’s memoir of life in St. Petersburg, The Noise of Time). This will also be a preparation of my research project in City and Literature.”

  • Muna Nasser Saleh, UK. International Development Masters, University of Birmingham.
    Arabic studies (USD 300)

    Muna seeks to understand why hatred and violence exists in our world and she has chosen to study in Jerusalem as it is one of the oldest cities in the world “It is the city where West meets East and where I will learn about the political history and vibrant cultural scene. I am also very interested in human rights, peacebuilding and conflict resolution and so Jerusalem would be the ideal city for me to learn about their steps in facilitating peace and preventing violence and hatred to win.” 

  • Tani Nathalie Lautenschläger, Germany. Bachelor of Science in Psychology, intended degree, Kliniken Schmieder Konstanz, hospital for Neurological rehabilitation, research assistant. 
    Arabic studies (USD 300)

    Tani is staying in Jordan for ten weeks. She writes: “since I am here, I achieved to complete a language course in Arabic Dialect and organized myself an internship for five weeks at a NGO who is encouraging refugees to undertake vocational trainings in order to start-up own businesses, investing in sending children in labour back to school and raising awareness to Gender Based Violence. Another stay in Amman would be a perfect opportunity for me as I already know the area, became friends with many people who live here and am also planning to write my Master thesis in collaboration with a NGO in Amman”.  

  • Alice Jacobine Coster, the Netherlands.
    Russian studies (USD 100)

    Had the chance to visit St Petersburg, where she studied Russian for four weeks at a language institute. She would love to go back to that fascinating country; now more to the East or even Far East: to Novosibirsk, or Vladivostok.  

  • Laura Kotzur, Germany.
    Arabic studies (USD 100) 

    As an active member of the youth groups of the Green Party, Amnesty International and Friends of the Earth I discovered my passion for participating in my social Environment.

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