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Our partners

Cooperation is the key
Our business model is based on trust in stable relations and long-term cooperation with our partners - i.e. universities, institutes and schools all around the world. Together, we develop our business through fresh ideas, technical knowledge, human relations, hard work and lots of patience.
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Marketing our partners...
Through our knowledge, contacts and marketing channels AMBergh´s role is to promote our partners in the best way possible, while steadily keeping the focus on the customer. Today, we can offer students language courses at universities, institutes and schools in more than 30 cities worldwide. In addition to this we also cooperate with other specialist Universities, Institutes and Schools who specialise in the areas of economics, technology and culture.
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... and selling through representatives
AMBergh Education works with agents to promote our partners´ courses and programmes. These agents are located in different countries, representing a geographical area, a university, company or another organisation. Our agents know our business model well and are able to present our services in an informative and effective way, making good use of AMBergh´s market knowledge and experience. We put great trust in our sales representatives and make sure they feel as if they were a part of the company.
» More on how to become a representative here.

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