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Chinese language courses and volunteer programmes in Hangzhou

Two students writing Chinese signs on a white board.

AMBergh Education in co-operation with the leading Language institute in Hangzhou offers Mandarin language courses for students of all abilities, ages and backgrounds. The courses are on offer all year around. You will have the chance to learn Mandarin as well as experiencing Chinese culture in everyday and business life.

You will study in one of the most popular cities in China, with qualified teachers, a pleasing study environment and the convenient location. The institute is well-known for its professionalism, efficiency and excellent services.

The language institue offers a wide range of Chinese language programs catering for all levels and ages, tailoring students´ diverse requirements. You can choose from:
- Small Group Classes
- Individual lessons
- Business Chinese Courses
- HSK Preparation Courses
In addition to language courses we offer special courses in cultural subjects (see below).

Small group classes

Small group classes are designed for students who would like to learn in a small group environment on a regular schedule and predetermined period of time. You will find your classmates from different countries, ages and backgrounds. With active interaction during classes, students are assured of efficient and fast learning.

Classes start first Monday each month and there are 2-5 students in each class. These includes 50 minutes per lesson/15 lessons per week.

Individual courses
Individual courses are designed to meet the needs of those who want their own program. It is suitable for students who have limited study time with desired language skills, such as Chinese for travelling and working. We provide customized and structured courses to help students achieve their learning objectives. They are flexible schedule based on students requirements. At least 10 lessons each week is required.

Business Chinese courses
These courses emphasize language proficiency in business activities. Students business spoken Chinese and communicational skills are developed by using case studies, role-play activities, formal presentations and simulations. The courses ensure students with a comprehensive mastery of knowledge in business, and also help foster business related social and cultural awareness for students. The courses consist of three levels, elementary, intermediate and advanced.

HSK is a standardized test assessing Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers, including foreigners, overseas Chinese and students of Chinese national minorities. Our experienced teachers will help you improve skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and assist you in achieving high scores in HSK. We will help you with the application for HSK if you are going to take the exam in Hangzhou.
Chinese Cuisine
Chinese cuisine, an essential part of Chinese culture, impresses the world with its own charm. We offer students cooking courses in Chinese cuisine. Students will have the chance to appreciate the art of Chinese cuisine, and especially the Hangzhou style, which is tastes fresh and crisp, and varying from seasonal. We provide different cooking courses according to the season, such as courses for Hongshao Rou (braised pork), Wonton, Dumpling, Tangcu Liji (sweet and sour pork), steamed fish and other home-cooked dishes.

Kung Fu
The Chinese word for Kung Fu is Wu Shu, which encompasses all styles of Chinese Kung Fu, including Shaolin fist, Nan quan, Bagua, Xingyi quan, Nunchakus, three-section cudgel and etc. This course will help you appreciate the King Fu culture.

Taichi is one of the internal styles of Chinese martial arts. Taichi originally means the two opposite yet complementary forces, Yin and Yang. Taichi is based on the principle that softness overcomes hardness. Behind Taichi´s soft, graceful and growing movements lies its hidden strength and great physical and mental control. Taichi provides a unique self-defence and contributes to health, fitness and longevity. So why not join us and enjoy the charm of Taichi?

Chinese Customs
China has many festivals and customs well preserved over thousands of years of history. With 56 recognized ethnic groups, each has different languages and customs. Learning about the literature, festivals and arts of ethnic groups is essential and interesting to have a full understanding of the Chinese culture. This course will take you into a fantastic China you have never known.

Calligraphy and Painting
Chinese calligraphy and painting are traditional arts with a history over 2,000 years. No complex tools are needed to practice those, but a brush pen and painting paper. This course not only gives you the basics of Chinese calligraphy and painting, but also shows you the culture and history of Chinese art.

Tea Ceremony
The art of drinking and savoring tea plays a major cultural role in China. For centuries, the ritual of preparing and savoring tea has held a special place in Chinese people´s hearts and minds. Tea Ceremony is the combination of tea art and spirit. People want to show the spirit through the tea ceremony. Five important things of tea ceremony are tea leaves, tea water, fire, tea set and the environment. Our tea ceremony course will involve you in an exotic cultural experience. The Chinese tea culture, the methods of drinking and savouring are introduced in the course.

Chinese people like to paste Paper-cut at home when the festivals comes. It is expressing best wishes for life. Paper-cut is one of the traditional handcrafts, simple and flexible, and full of creativity. The paper-cut course offers an unforgettable and joyful experience.

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