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Getting around in Beijing

Students standing before nice flowers at the olympic village in Beijing.

The major street layouts in Beijing are often well planned: sidewalk for pedestrians, a fenced-off bike lane, two lanes for cars, another bike lane, and then sidewalk again. Buses, trains and metro run frequently and the fares are cheap.

By taxi
Taxis are an inexpensive and easy way to get around. However, most drivers don´t speak any English so you usually have to show them where you´re going in Chinese.

By metro
The Beijing metro is possibly the best way to get around. There are currently several main lines. The Beijing metro is extremely cheap and very rarely out of service.

By bus
Your choice for getting around town is the metro, taxi or the bus. Most buses have conductors who´ll need to know your destination in order to work out how much to charge.

By bicycle
Enthusiasts for two-wheeled travel will certainly find that at some times of day they can get around more quickly than anyone else.

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