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Accommodation in Rabat

Typical hosts in Rabat, Morocco.

Each student that travels with AMBergh Education has the opportunity to choose a wide range of accommodation. The institute selects and arranges accommodation. Accommodation is generally reserved from Sunday prior to the start of the course until Saturday following the end of the course. Extra nights of accommodation before and after the course can be arranged at an extra fee. If you book accommodation through us you can be picked up at the airport or railway station.

Moroccan host families are exceptionally warm and generous. They love sharing their homes, language and culture with students. Most of the host families are located within 3 kilometers/2 miles of the school.

Student room
The student residence is located near the classrooms. There are both double and single occupancy rooms. Students have access to either the men´s or women´s bathrooms.

There are many hotels of all standards in Rabat.

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