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Arabic language courses in Rabat

Student and teacher at the whiteboard in a classroom in Rabat.

AMBergh Education together with a leading Language Institute in Rabat offer Arabic language courses for students of all abilities, ages and backgrounds. The courses are on offer all year round.

All teachers hold advanced degrees in Arabic literature, Law, or Applied Linguistics. The Arabic courses emphasize communication skills and strive to make students confident in using the Arabic language.

All textbooks and study materials used are available for students to purchase or provided on loan at the Institute. Students take a placement test prior to enrollment. This ensures an ideal course placement and allows students to enter on-going courses with as little disruption as possible.

Group Courses, Modern Standard Arabic
Group courses in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) courses are taught in 4 week blocks, each providing a total of 80 lessons (20 lessons per week). Students join the course at their level and continue studying as long as they wish (minimum two weeks). New courses start once a month for absolute beginners. All other students can join classes any Monday. Classes take place Monday to Sunday.

Group courses are available for very beginners to highly advanced students. The text books used include:
´Alif Baa, Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds´ and ´Al Kitaab Fi Ta´allum Al Arabiya´ (Georgetown University Press), as well as ´Media Arabic´, by Julia Ashtung from intermediate levels. Additional material include: news articles and bulletins, personal interviews, panel discussions, cultural programs, Arabic movies and much more. 

Group Courses, Moroccan Colloquial Arabic
Moroccan Colloquial Arabic (CA), also known as ´darija´, is the spoken dialect of Morocco. Colloquial Arabic is grammatically simpler and has a less voluminous vocabulary than Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). While most words in Colloquial Arabic find their root in MSA, many colloquial words are borrowed from Spanish, French, and Berber.

Group courses in CA include 20 lessons per week, Monday to Friday. Students may choose to study CA for any length of time (minimum two weeks). The CA program focuses spoken Arabic; oral and listening comprehension skills. Primary textbooks are: ´A Basic Course in Moroccan Arabic´, by Richard S. Harrell and Mohammed Abu Taleb (Georgetown University Press), and ´Moroccan Arabic´, by Peace Corps.

At beginners´ level, knowledge of Arabic script is not required. More advanced CA courses provide students with a window on the social, intellectual and physical aspects of Moroccan culture.

Individual Courses
Taking an individual course gives you excellent opportunities to steer the pace and content of your lessons. The tutors are very good in adapting lessons to meet the needs of their students. One-to-one tuition guarantees fast progress and focuses on developing those language skills, which are important to you. We also offer more specialized courses designed for those who seek special language skills. Individual courses are normally not offered in the summer.

Certificates and Credits
All students are granted a certificate of participation, regardless of the duration of their study. Arabic Courses at the Language Institute are equivalent to the academic standards of most University level Arabic courses. If you have questions about credits, please contact us.

Rabat, Morocco Cultural activities
In Rabat you have the chance to take part in a number of excursions, which can be anything from fun social activities like horseback riding to visiting sites of great cultural and historic interest.

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