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Information about Palestine/Israel!

Learning Arabic in Palestine/Israel means not only being surrounded by the widely understood Palestinian accent, but also getting an insight into the Palestinian culture and the complexity of the social and political context.  Anyone wanting to understand what lays behind the news headlines on Palestine/Israel, what the real life situation is like, is warmly encouraged to join our Arabic language programme in the heart of Jerusalem.

If historical, culture, and religious interests draw you to this unique city and country, you will indeed be greatly awarded. Holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims, Jerusalem is overflowing with sites of intense religious importance. Even for the non-religious, it is hard not to be moved by the history that hits you when walking down the narrow alleys in Jerusalem’s old town and haggling in its colorful markets.

Palestine/Israel is the cradle of Judaism and Christianity and also sacred to Muslims and Baha’is. Human beings have lived in the country since long before recorded history. Few countries also offer such geographic variety squeezed into a small space. You can relax on the Mediterranean coast in the morning and enjoy the sun-set, floating in the Dead Sea. Hikers can trek in the Golan Heights, adventurers can go rafting in the white water rapids of the Jordan River. From the Sea of the Galilee in the north to the Negev desert in the south, a diversity of nature and culture rolls out. 

The West Bank does not only offer the historic sites of Nazareth, where Jesus grew up, and the mystique and antiquity of the Old Town of Betlehem, but also the bustling city of Ramallah with its vivid Palestinian culture scene, and the beautifully located city of Nablus in between Mt Jarzim and Mt Ebal with its olive-oil soap production and olive wood-carving factories pursuing their traditional work.

Jaffa, the Palestinian city neighbouring Tel Aviv, dating back to 2000 BC, with its historic quarters still intact, and the walled city of Akko with its peaceful harbour, towers and fortified walls, are but a couple of interesting sites along the coast. Hebron in the southern West Bank is yet another amazing historic city, however, as widely known, not untouched by political tension.

Besides the dense historic and cultural supplies, The West Bank is also the home of endless Palestinian refugee camps and Israeli settlements, of barbered wire fences, and destroyed olive tree orchards. The Gaza Strip with its long Mediterranean beaches is sadly at large closed off and travelers are today advised against any visits.

AMBergh aims to provide our students of Arabic in Jerusalem with the best possible learning experience in the Arabic language, the Palestinian culture, and insights into a vast history and a complex socio-political context. We wish you most welcome to learn Arabic in the historic heart of Jerusalem, in Al-Quds, as the city is called in Arabic.


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