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Arabic Online - for Kids

Arabic Online - for Kids

Arabic Online – for Kids
Many parents outside of the Arabic-speaking world struggle to teach their children Arabic. Many children dream about learning Arabic; to be able to communicate with their relatives, or simply learn the language their parents show such passion for.

A child-friendly approach  
Arabic Online for Kids is a learning programme especially designed for children. Through weekly online lessons, the Arabic language is integrated in the everyday life of your child. The programme is available for children at school age, from six years and above. Children at all Arabic levels, from very beginners to more advanced, are welcome to join our programme.

Highly qualified teachers, holding Arabic degrees from prestigious Egyptian universities, apply a range of creative teaching methods, attracting the attention and curiosity of young students. Pictures and photos, drawings, stuffed animals, puppets, and music are used as appropriate to the student’s age and interest. Skillful teachers create a fun learning atmosphere and an ideal ground for learning. All teachers speak English and several are conversant in other languages.

Individually tailored
The programme is individually tailored to suit the needs and wishes of you and your child. You can choose whether to focus on Modern Standard Arabic or Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. You choose the suitable time, day, and place for your lessons (see available times below).

You need a Skype account in order for your child to communicate with her/his teacher. Your child’s teacher uses a web camera so you can see each other. If you don’t have a Skype account, you can easily sign up for a free account here: » Skype

Duration, time and schedule
One online session for kids is equal to 50 minutes.

Online lessons are available between 08:00 and 16:00 (CET) all days of the week except Fridays. Your child’s schedule will be arranged at suitable hours for you, within this time frame.

Smooth procedure
You apply for an online course directly on our website.
» Click here to search our price lists and book online.

We need information about your child’s background knowledge of Arabic; previous studies and experience. We wish to know if your child wants to study Modern Standard Arabic or Jordan Colloquial Arabic.

Your application is swiftly dealt with and your child can start her/his online course normally within a week.

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