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“Ballerinas of Cairo” bring retro magic to the streets of Cairo

"Bambah’s pieces are also very energetic and tend to move very well, so we thought no one could do them justice like a beautiful ballerina roaming around the streets of Cairo," says designer.  Cairo is full of elaborate destinations that document the various eras this country has gone through. With historical events preserved at every corner and renowned buildings and streets that have witnessed the country’s most impactful moments in time. While inspired by the golden age of fashion and couture, Bambah is a modern brand that caters to nostalgic women, who would always favour a classic silhouette over a time-restrained trend. The Dubai-based brand has come back for yet another charming shoot in the heart of Cairo in celebration of the new season. In collaboration with the country’s most graceful representatives, Bambah took timeless fashion to the streets of Cairo. Source: Egypt news
Published: 7 November 2017
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