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Nature lovers ‘clean as they hike’

14 november 2018
Nature lovers went on a cleaning hike, as part of the ECO Hikers “Clean as We Hike” weekly events aimed at safeguarding Jordan’s<...
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15-year-old publishes book on autism

14 november 2018
15-year-old Omar Abu Agha did not choose the easy way out; instead, he undertook the ambitious project of writing an entire book on the intricate t...
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Amman’s amazing citadel: A cluster of culture

14 november 2018
The greatest civilizations of the Mesopotamia have lived there, since the Bronze Age, which makes this major cradle of humanity one of the oldest i...
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Vulnerable women display homemade products at Amman’s Souq Nemeh

9 november 2018
Women from across the country are carrying their homemade products to Amman to showcase at the seasonal market...
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Egypt boosts cooperation with China for future developmental projects worth $18 billion

16 oktober 2018
Egypt and China have reportedly signed an $18 billion investment deal. The agreements entail the development of a pumping and storage station at th...
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From Syria to Lebanon to Austria, a cyclist’s journey

15 oktober 2018
Ahmad Badreddin Wais fled the war in Syria four years ago and a long and tortuous journey has led to a place on a professional cycling team and a f...
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Egyptian archaeologists find sphinx at Aswan temple

15 oktober 2018
Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a statue of a sphinx while draining water from the pharaonic temple of Kom Om...
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Library of Alexandria

15 oktober 2018
The Library of Alexandrina is a major library and cultural center, built in commemoration of the largest library of a...
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We all have a responsibility to help make the world a better place

15 oktober 2018
The late Kofi Annan once said that climate change is the “existential issue of our time.” A wave of extreme weather...
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How Moroccans Celebrate Eid al-Adha

5 september 2018
When you are visiting Morocco during » Read more

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