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Location and services of the language institute in Meknes

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The Language Institute is located just inside the wall of the oldest, most traditional part of the city, the Medina, and only a few minutes´ walk from the bustling modern city. Meknes is a traditional walled medieval city. It is also a thriving metropolis with a modern centre and a young, educated population. The city is home to almost one million inhabitants.

Studying in Meknes
The Language Institute has close ties to the large Moroccan university located in Meknes and draws on them for teaching faculty. You will meet students of different nationalities at the Language Institute and enjoy teachers of high calibre.

Wifi is available at no cost at the Institute for students with their own computers. There are also many Internet cafés. If you want to telephone, you may either go to a teleboutique or buy a local SIM card.

Upon arrival you will be invited to an orientation session at the Language Institute; an introduction to your Arabic studies and to Meknes. Homework assistance is available outside of class hours.

You will be provided with an emergency hotline number to a contact person at the Language Institute, in case any urgent need arises outside normal office hours.

You may have your third daily meal at the Institute for a modest additional cost. Laundry service is available at a very reasonable rate. A rooftop café at the Institute serves soft drinks. You will be invited to traditional Moroccan mint tea during class breaks.

Besides weekly cultural activities, such as lectures, calligraphy workshops, music performances, henna ceremonies and Moroccan cooking sessions, excursions are arranged by the Language Institute. These and other excursions provide important insights in Moroccan culture and history, while helping you to expand your Arabic vocabulary.

Getting around Meknes
The most convenient way to get around the city is by local small taxis. The fares are quite reasonable.

Airport transfer & accommodation
It is easy to get to Meknes from any Moroccan city. The most pleasant way may be by train. Transfer can be arranged from Casablanca, Fez or Rabat airport, or Meknes train station upon your arrival.
Accommodation is readily available with local families or at guest houses.

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