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Arabic language courses in Meknes

Four glad students with a happy teacher in a classroom in Meknes.

AMBergh Education in co-operation with the leading language institute in Meknes offers Arabic language courses for students of all abilities, ages and backgrounds. The programme can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

The Language Institute limits class size to ensure adequate individual attention for each student. Staff members are available outside of class to help students in their studies. Cultural experiences provide valuable insights into daily life in Morocco as well as rich opportunities for language practice. Out of class lectures, calligraphy workshops, music performances, henna ceremonies, cooking lessons, are som samples from the rich culture programme of the institute.

Individual Courses
Taking an individual course gives you excellent opportunities to steer the pace and content of your lessons. You can choose to study Modern Standard Arabic or Moroccan Colloquial Arabic, or a combination of both. The tutors are very good in adapting lessons to meet the needs of their students. One-to-one tuition guarantees fast progress and focuses on developing those language skills, which are important to you. You can start your individual course any Monday all year around.

Group courses
During the summer months May-August and winter months December-January, intensive group courses are offered. You can enroll for a minimum of two weeks.

The focus of the group course is Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), with Moroccan Colloquial Arabic (CA) integrated in the course. All students can benefit from daily homework assistance.

Group courses include 20 lessons per week; 17 lessons of MSA and 3 lessons of CA (4 lessons daily, 5 days a week). Classes run Monday to Friday. Lectures and cultural activities are held in the afternoon.

At beginners´ level, students with no previous knowledge of Arabic use the book ´Alif Baa´ (Georgetown University Press). At intermediate and advanced levels, ´Al-Kitaab fi Ta´allum Al Arabiya´ (Georgetown University Press) is used.

Certificates and credits
All successful participants receive a certificate of study at the end of their course and the Language Institute provides all necessary documentation for students to receive credits at their home institutions. Students are responsible for arranging their credits, and are encouraged to discuss this with appropriate administrative officials in their home school before departure.

Arabic professors at the Meknes Language Centre Teachers
The teachers are highly qualified and show great enthusiasm and dedication. The teaching language is exclusively Arabic, except for beginners who receive some instruction in English. Staff can explain grammar points in French or English outside of class if need be.

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