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Information about Jordan!

Jordan is a constitutional monarchy in Southwest Asia with around 6 million inhabitants. The area is approximately 100,000 square kilometers including the Dead Sea, making it similar in size to Austria or Portugal. Western Jordan has essentially a Mediterranean climate and about 75% of the country has a desert climate. Jordan´s only outlet to the sea, the Gulf of Aqaba, is to the south.

As the crossroads of the Middle East, the land of Jordan has served as a strategic nexus connecting Asia, Africa and Europe. Parts of Jordan have been included in many empires; e.g. the Babylonian, Mesopotamian, Pharaonic Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia, just to mention a few.

Jordan has guaranteed sunshine for eight months of the year and a base of powerful, unique cultural attractions such as Petra, Jerash and the Desert Castles and a wide range of very different, often stunning natural environments that are easily accessible and virtually undiscovered by the tourist industry.

Arabic is the official language of Jordan. English is widely understood. Its educational system is of an international standard.

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