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Arabic language courses in Jerusalem

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Small group courses and individually tailored courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Palestinian Colloquial Arabic are offered in the very heart of Jerusalem. AMBergh Education together with a Palestinian Language Institute offer high quality Arabic language tuition for students with different Arabic language skills, from absolute beginners to very advanced.

You will be taught by highly qualified and friendly staff. Interactive and communicative teaching methods enable students to obtain practical Arabic skills, readily applicable outside of class. Culture courses are also available and include such topics as the Palestinian-Israeli political context, religion, history, society, and gender roles.

Individual Arabic courses
Taking an individual course gives you excellent opportunities to steer the pace and content of your lessons. You can choose to study Modern Standard Arabic or Palestinian Colloquial Arabic, or a combination of both. One-to-one tuition guarantees fast progress and focuses on developing those language skills which are important to you. We also offer specialized courses designed for those who seek special language and cultural skills.

Group courses, MSA & Palestinian Dialect
Classes are kept small. You study Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Palestinian Colloquial Arabic (CA), Monday-Thursday. The courses cater for beginners and intermediate students. The book commonly used for MSA is “Mastering Arabic, level 1 & 2”.

Lessons in Palestinian Colloquial Arabic aim at enabling students to hold conversations and manage everyday life in the local dialect. The Palestinian dialect is your key to gain a deeper understanding of the culture, and an entrance to social life with Palestinians. The book commonly used is "Yalla Nihki Arabi" by Omar Othman.

Local university credits are granted for students completing a semester course. Non-beginners may join on-going group courses. Contact us for more information. 

Certificate and Credits
Certification and university accreditation in Modern Standard Arabic are important elements which the Language Institute offers, as it is part of a registered academic institution. Sixty lessons generally equal four credit hours.

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