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General conditions

Registration and payment
Tuition, course level, diploma
Prices, course packages, cancellation insurance, visa
Information prior to departure
Insurance, vaccinations
Extension of stay/studies, cancellation/re-booking
Rules and regulations

Registration and payment
A registration will only be acted upon once the appropriate registration fee has been received by AMBergh. This means that course and accommodation arrangements will only be made once the registration fee has been received. Sufficient information concerning language experience, and requirements should be made upon registration so as to ensure that the appropriate course package can be arranged for each course participant.

Registration shall be made directly via AMBergh´s website, alternatively in writing using the registration form. This form should be emailed, faxed or sent via mail to AMBergh.

Should a course participant require a visa invitation then a scanned copy of the information pages of your passport should be sent to AMBergh.

AMBergh will confirm receipt of registration.

Minimum age requirement
The minimum age requirement for course participants is 18, or 16 with written permission from a parent or legal guardian.

Payment of the registration fee and cancellation insurance - as appropriate - shall be made within three days of submitting a registration to AMBergh. Full payment for a course shall be made no later than 30 days prior to the start of the course. Should registration occur less than 30 days prior to the start of a course then full payment shall be made within three days of receipt of registration. Payment in this case should be made via AMBergh´s website using a credit card, alternatively a scanned copy of a bank receipt showing that full payment has been made to AMBergh can be emailed or faxed.

Tuition, course level, diploma
Conversation, reading and writing in Arabic all form a part of tuition regardless of the type of course that is booked via AMBergh. Following completion of a course a certificate will be awarded.
All tuition is carried out by qualified teachers.
One lesson is 45-60 minutes in duration. Tuition is normally not held at weekends or on national holidays. Lessons that are not held due to there being a national holiday will not be compensated for. Course books/literature can sometimes be borrowed from the school and can be purchased. Each course participant should have their own dictionary for use during the course.
In the case that less than three individuals enrolled on a group course are of the same ability in Arabic then AMBergh reserves the right to offer individual tuition for these individuals but for fewer hours of tuition per week than previously agreed for the group studies.
A certificate will be awarded to those course participants that complete a course of studies with at least an 80 per cent attendance record.

Accommodation is generally reserved, by the language institute, from the day prior to a course start until the day following completion of a course. Course participants wishing to have accommodation for a longer period of time than the above must contact AMBergh regarding this. Additional night´s accommodation prior to and after the course can usually be arranged at extra cost.

For course participants who have booked Hotel/apartment placement service, special conditions apply.

Prices, course package, cancellation insurance, visa
The price of the course package does not normally include meals, tickets, insurance, visa fees, international language tests or accreditations.
Current prices for all course packages can be found on AMBergh´s website and can also be provided on request. The quoted cost of the course package is binding unless another agreement has been made when the registration fee is paid.
AMBergh reserves the right to alter prices should circumstances beyond AMBerghs control such as up to 5% alteration in exchange rates, tax increases and other unforeseen costs. Course prices are regularly updated. Group discounts are available.

Cancellation insurance
Cancellation insurance is optional. Should a course participant wish to have cancellation insurance this must be paid upon registration in order for the insurance to be valid. Cancellation insurance is required for all types of cancellation. Further information concerning the terms and conditions for cancellation can be found below.

Visa rules vary between countries and your citizenship. Please check with us or your embassy before you buy your ticket.

Late arrival and absence from studies
Payment for missed lessons due either to late arrival or absence will not be reimbursed.

Information prior to departure
Following receipt of full payment each course participant will receive:
- confirmation of registration
- information concerning time and location for the first lesson
- information about accommodation

Each course participant is responsible for making their own travel arrangements to the place of study. AMBergh is happy to give advice concerning travel arrangements and is also able to refer course participants to specialist travel agencies who have experience in making travel arrangements to and from and within the country.

Insurance, vaccinations
It is essential that course participants have a valid health and accident insurance policy. Each course participant is responsible for ensuring that they have a valid policy for the period in question which covers their stay in the country. It is important to carry a copy of the insurance policy at all times whilst there.

AMBergh recommends that each course participant contact their doctor to see which vaccinations might be required.

Extension of stay/studies, cancellation/re-booking
Should a course participant during their period of studies wishes to extend their course they should contact AMBergh.
All cancellations must be made in writing to AMBergh.
In the case of cancellation the registration fee and any cancellation insurance will not be refunded. Should cancellation insurance be required it should be paid upon registration. Cancellation insurance is required for repayment of the whole or part of the cost of the course package.
If cancellation occurs more than 30 days prior to the course start 80% of the cost of the course will be refunded though not cost for the registration fee, cancellation insurance or accommodation.
Should cancellation occur less than 30 days prior to the course start but before the start of the course then 20% of the cost of the course will be refunded though not cost for the registration fee, cancellation insurance or accommodation.
Cancellation after the course start will only be accepted on the grounds of serious illness or accident that affects the course participant him/herself or a close relative. A doctor´s certificate is required in order for 20% of the cost of the remaining period of study to be refunded though not cost for the registration fee, cancellation insurance or accommodation.
If a course is re-booked then a new registration fee as well as any other extra costs as a result of price differences will be charged. This applies to a rebooking made within a year from the previously booked course start.

For course participants who have booked Hotel/apartment placement service, special conditions apply.

Rules and regulations
Course attendants should obey the rules and regulations that apply at the schools and in the respective countries.
Complaints/compensation: Any complaints should be conveyed to the relevant personnel at the place of study. Should the complaint not be satisfactorily dealt with at the place of study then a written complaint should be sent to AMBergh no later than 30 days after completion of the course.

AMBergh accepts no responsibility for injuries resulting from natural disasters, strikes or other events that can be defined as force majeur. AMBergh moreover accepts no responsibility for additional costs beyond that agreed such as travel costs or costs relating to decisions made by the authorities. AMBergh accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of personal possessions or injuries that arise as a result of neglect.
AMBergh is not liable for misspelling.

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