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Extra-curricular activities in Fez

Small mosque in the fantastic medina in Fez.

Conversational Berber
Introductory courses in Berber (Tamazight) are designed to give students basic communication skills. The primary focus will be on speaking, listening and vocabulary. The Berber script is not covered.

Media Arabic
Courses in Media Arabic are designed to give students an introduction to reading newspapers, magazines and understanding news broadcasts. The course is primarily recommended for students who have reached an intermediate level of Arabic.
Koranic Arabic
Courses in Koranic Arabic include basic linguistic structures of Koranic Arabic and necessary vocabulary to grasp Koranic texts. The course is primarily recommended for students who have reached an upper-intermediate level of Arabic.

Women in Islam
In the course on Women in Islam, students will explore the role of women in Islamic culture from pre-Islamic era to the present. The religious and social positions of Muslim women are studied through film, photography and literature. Contemporary dress code, economic self-sufficiency, gender interactions and the role of women in the medina are also discussed. No previous knowledge of Islam or Arabic is required for this course.

Cultural courses
Other courses in Arabic language and Arab culture include: Koranic Recitation, Arabic Literature in Translation, Sciences of the Koran, Hadith, Wood and Plaster Carving, Calligraphy, Lute (Oud) and Moroccan cooking.

Lectures, leasure, excursions
The Language Institute offers a comprehensive lecture program on different aspects of Islam. Lectures address historical and contemporary topics, aiming at cross-cultural dialogues.

A variety of sport opportunities are also available. You can practice sports at affiliated sports clubs in the city. Trips to the Fez stadium to watch football matches may also be arranged.

You are welcome to enjoy tours and cultural excursions. The Language Institute offers tours in Fez. The Language Institute can arrange trips and transportation to a variety of sites throughout Morocco according to your wishes.

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