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Arabic language courses in Fez

Teacher of Arabic has a conversation with a student.

AMBergh Education together with the leading Language Institute in Fez offer Arabic language courses for students of all abilities, ages and backgrounds. The courses are on offer all year around. If you wish, you can combine your language course with a course in Media Arabic, Koranic Arabic, Women in Islam, Conversational Berber, to name just a few alternatives.

Through its academic and cultural activities, the Language Institute strives to provide a good understanding of Arabic, Islam and Moroccan culture. Teaching is of a very high quality. All but absolute beginners will take a placement test upon arrival to ensure correct placement.

Individual courses
Individual and specialized lessons can be arranged to meet your needs and wishes. Taking an individual course gives you excellent opportunities to steer the pace and content of your lessons. The tutors are very good in adapting lessons to meet the needs of their students. One-to-one tuition guarantees fast progress and focuses on developing those language skills which are important to you. Courses vary from 10 to 30 lessons a week, depending on what suits you best.

You can choose to study Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or the Moroccan Colloquial Arabic, or a combination of both. MSA courses are commonly based on the books´Alif Baa´, ´Al-Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk´, and ´Al-Kitaab fi Ta´allum Al Arabiya´ (Georgetown University Press). The course literature can also be tailored to suit your specific needs and wishes.

Moroccan Colloquial Arabic (CA), also known as ´darija´, is the spoken dialect of Morocco. Colloquial Arabic is grammatically simpler and has a less voluminous vocabulary than Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). While most words in Colloquial Arabic find their root in MSA, many colloquial words are borrowed from Spanish, French, and Berber. CA courses focus mainly on verbal communication, but you will also learn the Arabic script.

All students are granted a certificate of participation, regardless of the duration of their study.

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