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Special Arabic Courses in Cairo

Young female teacher is showing an open book, which is used in some of the courses.

Media Arabic
Media Arabic in Cairo caters for students from pre-intermediate to highly advanced levels of Arabic. You will learn to read, understand, analyze critique, create, present, and listen to Arabic works of journalism and social media.

Arabic for Diplomats
Arabic for Diplomats is an individually tailored course, conducted on a one-to-one basis with highly qualified Arabic language teachers. The course provides diplomats with the essential confidence to participate in political conversations in Arabic and to analyze political developments in the region. Arabic language skills in combination with culture and social sensitization are core components.

Arabic Business Communication
This course is designed to give students comprehensive knowledge of communication and its scope and importance in business. The Arabic Business course caters to students at intermediate level and above. You will learn how to listen and speak Arabic under pressure in a business meeting, write effective letters and memos in Arabic, prepare reports, conduct interviews, use business etiquette with Arabs, and much more.

Practice your Arabic letters and learn about the great art of Arabic Calligraphy by adding Calligraphy lessons to your Arabic language course. Beginners will receive an introduction to Arabic Calligraphy and the techniques of writing, tools and materials. Participants are provided with all the necessary equipment; paper, ink & calligraphy pens. You will be taught by professional Arabic calligraphy artists, proficient in English besides Arabic.

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