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Leisure activities and services in Cairo

Student and teacher are having a drink at the language institute.

Central branches of the Language Institute are located in the heart of Cairo; at Tahrir Square and in downtown Cairo. You will find a wide selection of shops, restaurants, and cafés close by. The Language Institute is open 6 days a week, Saturday to Thursday with Friday off.

Another branch is located in the popular and calmer suburb of Muhandiseen, close to the metro and about 20 minutes by taxi from the city centre. Restaurants, cafés, and shops are abundant in the area. Both branches are well equipped and provide enjoyable and friendly environments.

Studying in Cairo
In addition to your academic needs, a range of services is available: social activities, airport pick-up, accommodation arrangements, online learning, and a 24-hour contact number in case of need. Upon your arrival in Cairo you will be invited to an orientation session – an introduction to life in Cairo; the culture, safety, social life, and more.

Students can use free WiFi at the Language Institute during office hours. WiFi is also available in the student accommodation. You can purchase your study books locally if you don’t choose to bring your own. The American university book shop close to Tahrir square has all the books you will need.

For students intending to remain in Egypt longer than the initial one-month visa, visa extensions are quite easy and painless. The process takes about 2-3 hours and it is accomplished at the ‘Mogamma’ in Tahrir Square. Tourist visas are sufficient for students.

Leisure activities
Newcomers to Egypt will want to sample Egypt´s Pharonic history, such as the Pyramids, Saqqara, Memphis, and the Egyptian Museum. These places are easy to find but there are many other interesting and less crowded sites.

Islamic Cairo (Old Cairo) and Coptic Cairo are fascinating parts of the city, both having excellent local museums. Islamic Cairo has survived virtually intact as it was spared the ravages of Mongol and Crusader invasion. Besides the famous mosques, you can enjoy exploring the souk (market) area known as Khan El Khalili. The modern Cairo Opera House presents international events in classical music and opera in nice surroundings.

During school holidays and long weekends, the Sinai Peninsula and Red Sea are popular destinations. Scuba diving and snorkeling on the coral reefs are incredible experiences. Alexandria is also within easy reach from Cairo. The desert oases of Siwa and Baharia, Farafra and Kharga will provide you with a peaceful break. There are of course also the wonders of Luxor and Aswan. Travel by plane, train or bus to any of these destinations is good for short holidays.

Getting around Cairo
Buses, trains and metro run frequently but the fastest way of getting around in Cairo is by taxi. It is not expensive, but make sure you agree on the price beforehand.

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