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Arabic Immersion

Language immersion is a method of teaching a second language in which the target language is used as the means of instruction. In our Arabic programmes in the Middle East and North Africa, the Arabic language is used as a teaching tool, surrounding or "immersing" the students. You will be taught Arabic in Arabic, maximising your learning by being surrounded by the language in a professional and friendly athmosphere.

Learning a foreign language is however not only done in the class room. You need to ‘live the language’ and immerse yourself in the local culture and community. Besides our courses, we offer unique opportunities to interact and communicate in Arabic with the local population, to get invaluable social and cultural insights, establish contacts, and make friends.

Family Accommodation
Staying with a family is the optional way of learning the spoken Arabic, as well as getting an insight into social life, culture, and traditions. Carefully selected host families open up their homes for you and will treat you as an extended family member. You will have your own room, and share other house facilities with the family. Becoming a ‘family member’ also entails respecting local culture. Family accommodation is available in Amman, Jordan, and in Morocco.

Language buddies
You can also practice Arabic outside of class with a language buddy. A language buddy is usually a person of your age and gender from the local community. He or she can be a key to social life in your study destination. You and your language buddy meet in an informal way. At times the two of you can engage in a language exchange, which makes it a fruitful learning experience for both. You will not only enhance your Arabic, but most likely gain a good friend. Language buddies are provided at our partner Language Institute in Amman.

Volunteer work
Volunteering means living and working alongside local people and gaining a better understanding of the dialect, culture, and social conditions. It is also a means to contribute to important development work, and not the least, to make friends. Together with our local partners, we work to provide you with a suitable volunteer position. You can volunteer at organisations working to improve the lives of children/youths, women at risk, disabled, elderly people, and refugees, to name a few examples. Volunteer work usually entails a few hours of work every week, besides your Arabic language classes. Volunteer work is available in Cairo, and Fez.

Cultural and social activities
Cultural and social activities are organised in all locations. You can take cooking classes or participate in calligraphy workshops, engage in historical seminars or socio-political discussions. You can meet and mix with other students in local excursions and outings arranged by the Language Institute. Comprehensive excursion programmes are also available in all locations. Participating in these activities will enable you to pick up essential Arabic vocabulary while exploring the country’s culture, as well as its magnificent historical attractions.

All of this will enable you to learn Arabic in a fun and interesting way, gain invaluable insights in the local culture, and - perhaps most important of all - make local contacts and friends.

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