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Arabic language courses in Amman

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AMBergh Education offers, together with a leading Language Institute in Amman, Arabic language courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Jordanian Colloquial Arabic. Semester courses, summer courses, and monthly group courses are available in exclusive small group settings. Individual courses are also available all year around.

The Arabic programme is designed to meet the needs of students with different language skills, from absolute beginners to very advanced. All but absolute beginners will be asked to take a placement test upon arrival. You will be taught by highly qualified teachers, and enjoy a friendly environment.

Monthly Group Courses, MSA, 20 lessons per week
The monthly group courses are conducted in an exclusive, small group setting of 2-8 participants. You study 20 lessons per week, four lessons daily, Sunday to Thursday. Minimum course duration is 2 weeks. Students can study for a long period by advancing from one course level to the next.

The courses are based on the text book series Al Kitaab fii Ta´allum Al Arabiya (Georgetown University Press). At beginners level, students use the book "Alif Baa: An Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds" (Georgetown).

Arabic Semester Courses, MSA, 12 weeks
Semester courses including 240 contact hours are offered all year around. The semester courses start in January, March, June, and September and continue for 12 weeks. Classes are small and allow for individual attention to all students.

Three language levels are offered each semester; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These are in turn divided into sub-levels. The curricula are mainly based on the "Al-Kitaab" Series (Alif Baa, Al-Kitaab I, II, III, by Georgetown University Press). Lessons take place Sunday to Thursday.

Arabic Summer Courses, MSA, 8 weeks
MSA summer courses are available from May to September. They include 160 contact hours and the duration is 8 weeks. You study 20 lessons per week, Sunday to Thursday. Classes are kept small.

The curricula are mainly based on the "Al-Kitaab" Series (Alif Baa, Al-Kitaab I, II, III, by Georgetown University Press). Textbooks are supplemented by other material and activities.

Arabic Individual Courses
If you choose to take an individual course, the course can be tailored to meet your specific needs and wishes. You have the opportunity to influence the pace and content of your learning experience. You can choose to study Modern Standard Arabic or Jordanian Colloquial Arabic, or a combination of both. Advanced students or researchers may request to read specific texts with a private teacher.

Upon the successful completion of the course, each participant receives a certificate indicating the name, level and duration of the course attended.

Cultural activities for students Arabic language immersion
When studying in Amman, students have the chance to be in direct contact with the Arabic Language all the time, inside the classroom and outside. You may also make use of language partners from the University of Jordan. They will help you understand and appreciate the language and the culture. Cultural courses in culture, religion, history and other subjects are also available.

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