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Leisure activities and getting around, Alexandria

A lemon vendor with a few customers in one of the bazaars in Alexandria.

The Language Institute is located in the heart of Alexandria, five minutes walk from the Sea and the famous Mediterranean boardwalk and easily accessed by public transport. The Institute that is rather small has students from all over the world. Some study for just a few weeks, others for several months or more. 

Students enjoy easy access to drinks and fast meals at the in-house cafeteria. The Language Institute also includes a small book store with rich resources. Modern educational equipment, such as audio and visual learning tools and a language lab are available. WiFi is provided.

In the vicinities of Alexandria you have ocean beaches in the city and around the city. Studying in Alexandria provides you with a wonderful opportunity to experience multi-cultural and beautiful Egypt any time of the year. While studying the Arabic language here, you will gain an understanding of the Egypt culture, society, and history.

The Language Institute provides a rich cultural programme, including seminars, workshops, movie nights, and much more. You are also recommended to join the excursions arranged by the Language Institute, inside Alexandria as well as to Cairo and other destinations in Egypt.

You will also find a rich and varied cultural life in the Alexandrian community. Bibliotheka Alexandrina - the Alexandrian Library - is a spectacular cultural institution, unique in its kind in Egypt as well as world-wide. Don’t miss out on the happenings and events at the library!

Newcomers to Egypt want to sample Egypt´s Pharonic history, such as the Pyramids, Saqqara, Memphis, and the Egyptian Museum. You can easily go to Cairo during a weekend or even a day. These places are easy to find but there are many other interesting and less crowded sites within a day´s drive from Alexandria. Information and assistance are available at the Language Institute.

During school holidays and long weekends, the Sinai Peninsula and Red Sea are popular destinations. Scuba diving and snorkeling on the coral reefs are incredible experiences. The desert oases of Siwa and Baharia, Farafra and Kharga will provide you with a peaceful break from the busy city life. Then, of course, there are the wonders of Luxor and Aswan. Travel by plane, train or bus to any of these destinations is good for short holidays.

Getting around Alexandria
Buses and the popular trams run frequently, but the fastest way of getting around in Alexandria is by taxi. It is not expensive, but make sure you agree on the price beforehand.

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