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History and background

The company
AMBergh Education is a Swedish family owned company, founded by Ann Marie Bergh in 1985. We are based in Stockholm and provide high quality language immersion programmes in Arabic, Chinese, and Russian speaking countries. We do this through a wide and carefully selected network of universities and language schools in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine/Israel, Morocco and China. We also offer online courses with qualified language teachers via Skype.

The founder Ann Marie Bergh in Kiev

The start

AMBergh, founded in 1985, was oriented toward organizational development in Russia from the start. In 1993, the St Petersburg City Administration initiated a partnership with AMBergh, aiming at developing contacts between the city and Western Europe.

Russian language courses and culture

One of many Russian contacts was the Faculty of Philology at St. Petersburg State University. A contract between AMBergh and the university regarding the provision of Russian language courses was signed. Soon after that Moscow State University followed by signing a mutual agreement. By the end of 1999 AMBergh had grown significantly by signing contracts with more than 30 Russian and Ukrainian universities and institutes.

Expanding the business into other areas

When AMBergh also started organizing, together with several Technical universities in St Petersburg, education in Natural Science and Engineering, the special branch of AMBergh Education was founded. Its aim was to provide different types of education (technical and language studies) in the East. Later, AMBergh also started offering combined internships and Russian language studies together with Russian companies.

Arabic language courses and culture

In 2009 AMBergh began cooperating with a number of Arabic universities and language schools in the Middle East and North Africa to be able to offer Arabic language courses and cultural packages. Many students have then studied Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic Dialects and Culture in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Israel/Palestine and also before the war in Syria.

Chinese language courses

In 2010 the first steps towards establishing cooperation in China were taken. AMBergh Education co operates with the famous universities and institutes in China in order to offer foreign students the very best education in Mandarin and Cantonese languages and Chinese culture.

Our programmes

Study when, where and how it suits you – flexible programs! We offer individual, group and online courses at all levels, all year around, which are arranged by our partners. Our students are from 18 years – interested people, students, teachers, translators, ambassadors, business people and many more. We provide information, individual counseling, and trouble-shooting. We have our own scholarship “Building Bridges” and offer cultural and volunteer programmes besides our language courses.

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