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Chinesische sprachkurse in China

Learn Mandarin to reduced price 20% if you apply before May 31st

Gültig bis 31. Mai 2019

AMBergh invites you to a rich and varied Chinese program. Learn the language and culture. Group- and Individual Courses. In some places you can also combine with volunteer job.
The language institutes offer different forms of accommodation, transfer, cultural classes, events, and excursions. Read more here.

Terms and Conditions for summer courses:
1. The offer is valid for Chinese studies in China.
2. To claim this offer, please use code K04.
3. The offer is valid for confirmed and paid bookings made before 31 May 2019.
4. The offer is valid for courses starting 1 June 2019 – 30 September 2019.
5. The offer is valid on bookings for a minimum of 3 weeks of group summer courses (minimum 50 lessons) or minimum 50 individual lessons.
6. The offer will be adjusted on the final invoice.
7. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers from AMBergh Education.

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