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Bewertung: Heidi B.

Dauer in Rabat: 3 weeks
Studium:Individual course (10 lessons/week)
Unterkunft:Family stay

I really liked the personalised way I was informed and how all my questions about types of lessons etc. were answered prior to booking the course.

Unterkunft: 5/5
Excellent, very friendly, hospitable host family. They prepared special meals, took me to the beach and very much included me in all their familiy activities. I gained great insight into Moroccan life.

Beste Bar/Restaurant/Nachtklub:
Did not go to any.

Was kann verbessert werden?
Information about accommodation should be sent out at least one week prior to arrival - I was really worried I would have no place to stay - plus I would have had the chance to write to them beforehand and introduce myself.

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A students of mine recommended you

Anlass für Ihr Studium:
Personal interest

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