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Bewertung: Yveline A.

Durchschnittliche Bewertung:
971f2a 92%
Dauer in Amman: 4 weeks
Studium:Group course, Combined MSA+CA (20 lessons/week)
Unterkunft:Placement service

My stay in Amman has been great: the country is beautiful and the people are welcoming. The course is taught be excellent teachers and all the staff are very friendly! I very much enjoyed the weekend trips organised by the language centre.

Unterkunft: 4/5
Good proximity to the school, spacious, freedom to come and go as we pleased. Very friendly hostess who introduced us to her family. Hostess took us out for lunch etc... Hoever, I did not have proper bedsheets, by bed consisted of a blanket on a mattress. I do not know when the blanket was last washed but it was not washed during my home-stay. The hostess was also under considerable strain from work so was not always able to prepare us a meal every night, which in itself is not a problem, but I felt that I paid too much for the accomodation in relation to what I got in return. I would have also preferred it if she spoke to us in Arabic, but she seemed to insist on speaking English.

Beste Bar/Restaurant/Nachtklub:
Wild Jordan is very nice.

Was kann verbessert werden?
Everything went very well, just accomodation needs to be improved.

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Anlass für Ihr Studium:
Personal interest

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